11 Ways of Celebrating Christmas 2020 With Loved Ones

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Christmas is a yearly festival remembering the birth of Jesus Christ, observed every year on 25th December. The festival is both a religious and cultural celebration observed by billions of people around the world, both Christian and non-christian.

The festival is so loved and celebrated with love across 160 countries worldwide. The ways of celebrating vary by country, some countries celebrate on Christmas day while others celebrate the day before or the day after. 

Christmas celebrations vary across the World greatly in Christmas traditions for many countries. Christmas celebrating people involve setting up a dark green tree decorating it with lights, hanging Advent wreaths and stockings, candy canes, and making cookies for the occasion.

Churches, streets, and houses are decorated with lights, candles all around making it the most memorable day of the year. Families, friends, and relatives celebrate the eve by exchanging gifts, sharing sweet dishes, and sending Christmas cards. All families set a Christmas feast to share with the family, friends, and extended families. 

Across the World, many governments and private sectors announce the day as an official public holiday and enjoy the day and evening with loved and dear ones. Everyone exchanges gifts, sweets, and greeting cards with their loved ones on Christmas Eve. 

The tradition of exchanging gifts in the evening was introduced by Martin Luther king. It is the Germans that began with putting the Christmas trees in the house. The tree is secretly brought on Christmas eve and fully decorated by the Mother of the house for children. 

Since the early 20th century, Christmas has been a secular family holiday. In the secular family mythical figure named Santa Claus plays an important role.

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year is upon us but the 2020 global pandemic will allow us to celebrate it as we used to do every year.

We are going to celebrate the festival with the same traditions but with the rules and guidelines. It is our duty to keep everyone safe and secure with the pandemic that has already taken so many of our closed ones. We have to make our choice and in the pandemic the way to show your love to family members. 

Exchange love hugs are very important when we are celebrating any occasion or event with our close ones and near ones. We need to be very careful with full attention and care instructions we need to think about our Christmas celebrations plan.

The governments of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, all came to agree on a common approach allowing three households to form a bubble and meet up. The meet dates are finalized as  23 to 27 December (22 to 28 December in Northern Ireland) 

At the same time, the Scotland government said the bubble should have 8 people, not more than this number. 

The year 2020 is different for each one of us, so is the Christmas celebration. There are plenty of ways to celebrate the Christmas holidays and cheer your family, friends, by keeping them safe. There are various ways of celebrating Christmas out of which many listed below in this article. Go through them and make Christmas 2020 memorable.


11 Ways of Celebrating Christmas 2020 With Loved Ones

1). Send Delicious Cookies Neighbors

This year is not the same as last year. You can send mail surprises to your loved and dear ones by sending mailing holiday cookies. Everyone likes surprises once received from their loved ones. Try sending the homemade cookies which you can either bake at home or get done from the outside bakery shop. If you are making it at home you will add love to it and the person to whom you are sending will enjoy the marvelous cookies prepared by you. 

2). Anyone Member of Family Can be Santa

Not the year where you will be going to the mall to take pictures with Santa. If you are worried about your kids how they gonna enjoy Christmas by not getting the picture clicked with Santa. Here is the solution to your problem. Any big guy at your home is the new Santa who can get himself fitted in the Santa suit and let kids play at a party. Also letting the kids get their wonderful pictures clicked with Santa

3). Enjoy Outside Cocoa Party

If the weather is mild and not that cold why not have a small outdoor gathering planned with the extended family. Have the Christmas dinner pre-planned and keep the social distance maintained in the backyard you can celebrate. Let everyone get involved with the hot delicious chocolate cake, cookies, drinks, and other stunning dishes. 


4). Watch Christmas Classics Movies Series With Family

Celebrating Christmas with the movie marathon is the best way to be with loved ones and enjoying the Winter holidays.

5). Enjoy the Easy play at Home

This year of Christmas is not as the previous years were. If all of your friends, the family are not coming together to have a grand party then it does not mean you can not play. You can still play secret Santa and then you can send the mail to the one who wins the game among the recipients. The guessing part will be more interesting for you when you will be picking among the challenging ones. 

6). Video Chats With Love to Open Gifts

You can still gather a family around the Christmas tree to open the gift even if it is virtual. Arranging a video chat with family, and friends are easy now with zoom or Facebook Messenger depending on the feature you are using at that period of time. It will only allow you to share the happy faces on screen. 

7). Planning a Special Christmas Breakfast

The day of Christmas is not a hurry and rush day, you can get up late and cook breakfast for your family. You can also invite your friends for a lavish breakfast. With plenty of Christmas brunch options, you can choose from the delicious, sweet, or savory option. 

8). Fancy Light Display Around House and Tree

You can decorate the backyard, front, and garden of your house with a lovely light display. With the use of Christmas decorations, you can transform the home into a festive winter wonderland. Allow kids to decorate the trees, doors, with fun pieces and going crazy with the Christmas lights. Wrapping the house with the lights adds a festive feeling and gives you a holiday spirit as well.

9). Sending Virtual Invitation to Gingerbread Competition

 Hosting a gingerbread competition will add fun to the holidays. In this, you can add other families as well by inviting them through the zoom, Facebook messenger platform, and make the competition more fun. In this, you can say each participant has to build a showstopping gingerbread structure. You can take the help of social media by posting the best and let others be a part of the game.


10). Organizing Gift Exchange Party

Connecting with loved ones by hosting an ornament exchange among friends and family members. You can also invite other people that are willing to come for the event and ready to make it more fun.


11). Go Ice skating

Enjoy Christmas day by going ice skating with your family. While having fun skating you can practice social distancing which is mandatory. Ice skating is one where you can easily avoid crowds and at the same time enjoy with friends. 


Enjoy Christmas by giving back as it feels good when you give something to loved ones. Make it a family activity by giving gifts, together in a box for families in need. Might be it comes tradition in the upcoming years. Why delay further planning your way of celebrating Christmas out of the above-mentioned ways from the blog choose your type and get started.


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