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1st ODI: Birthday boy Kishan dazzles on debut as India cruise to seven-wicket victory over Sri Lanka | Cricket News


COLOMBO: Ishan kishan celebrated his 23rd birthday with a dazzling half a century in his debut while Shikhar dhawan, in his first game as captain, he pinned India to a seven-wicket victory in the park over Sri Lanka in the opening ODI on Sunday.
On a track that offered a slow spin, inexperienced Sri Lankan hitters splurged like millionaires, throwing one wicket after another, but still managed to get 262 of nine, which would not be enough against the batting power of India.
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And it certainly wasn’t, as the goal was achieved in just 36.4 overs.
Prithvi Shaw, with his newfound arrogance in cricket of more than 50 years, killed the Sri Lankan pacemakers during his short tenure by scoring nine limits on a 43 of 24 balls.

That set the pace for Kishan to come in and hit a six on the first delivery he faced and followed it up with a square limit. The Mumbai Indians short man decided to use his bat as a sledgehammer, scoring the second fastest ODI 50 on debut, with 33 balls, to kill the competition within the first 20 overs.
He lived dangerously by earning a pardon twice, but his 59 of 42 balls with eight fours and two sixes undoubtedly make him a strong contender to reach the final list of 20 for the ICC T20 World Cup.
Veteran Dhawan, who very wisely dropped anchor and let the youngsters express themselves, then took over to finish the game professionally with an unbeaten 86 of 95 balls.

All those years of experience came in handy as he played Shaw’s second fiddle at a starting position of 58 in 5.3 overs and during an 85 second-field partnership with Kishan in just 12.2 overs.
But once Kishan was out and with Manish pandey, (26 of 40 balls) playing to save his international career, circling, Dhawan began to play his shots not to let the momentum escape in no time, reaching six limits and a six.
Pandey’s selfish approach, trying to score his own runs at the team’s expense, didn’t pay off for him as another rookie, Suryakumar Yadav, showed his flamboyance, breaking a quick 31 of 20 balls.

Aside from Pandey, the other performance that stood out as a sore thumb was Bhuvneshwar Kumar (0/63 in 9 overs), who didn’t look penetrating enough.
Indian bowlers were for the most part disciplined, without being exceptional, as Kuldeep Yadav (2/48 in 9 overs) and Yuzvendra chahal (2/52 in 10 overs) got their share of the ground because of Lankan’s waste.
And then Krunal Pandya’s persistent precision (1/26 in 10 overs) made scoring runs a chore in the intermissions before Karunaratne (43 without 35 balls) made a cameo to take the home team past 250. with two huge six off Bowling from Bhuvneshwar Kumar (0/63 in 9 overs).
The Indian Pacemakers also threw many slower deliveries at the rear, as Deepak Chahar (2/37 in 7 overs) landed a pair. It was encouraging to see Hardik Pandya (1/33 in 5 overs) between the wickets and cast a few overs in two spells. Hardik, however, never seemed to throw in any effort delivery and instead tried to go to extremes.

The first game of the series, which could well be a hit or miss for Kuldeep, saw him pick two fast wickets at 17 to achieve a break in momentum and the home team never picked up the pace after that.
The best part was witnessing the three spinners operating their different styles of bowling.
Kuldeep used more flying and drifting, Chahal did longer bowling but not as many vicious leg breaks, while Krunal’s window-to-hatch deliveries and the speed at which he threw was commendable.
Between the three of them, they threw 98 point balls that made up 16.2 silent passes. Add in the accumulated point balls from the pacemakers, and the plight of the unannounced Sri Lanka was compounded in a slow spin as more than 25 overs of the stipulated 50 went unscored.
Most of them started out but didn’t have the wherewithal to turn the 20s and 30s into a big score.

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