25% of adults may not get fully vaccinated by the year end | India News


NEW DELHI: If the regulations on an interval of 12-16 weeks between the first and second intake of Covishield remain unchanged, at least around a quarter of India’s adult population will not be able to get fully vaccinated by the end of this year. As of 7pm on Friday, more than 26 million rupees of the adult 94 million rupees or about 28% had not received even their first chance. Almost 90% of vaccination has been done through Covishield and there are only 12 weeks left of the year.
With Bharat Biotech By repeatedly failing to increase Covaxin production to promised levels, its share of vaccination remains at around 11.6%. Since most of the vaccine would presumably be doses of Covishield, the majority of the population that receives their first dose after Friday will be eligible for the next dose only sometime next year.

The proportion of the population that has not been vaccinated at all ranges from 43% in Jharkhand and 39% in Uttar Pradesh to zero in Himachal Pradesh, which could even fully vaccinate its entire adult population before the end of the year.
It is worrying that the most populated states appear as UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Tamil nadu it would end up having the largest proportion, more than a third of the adult population, who have not been fully vaccinated by the end of the year. J&K and Kerala would have just 6% to 7% of the adult population left to fully vaccinate if they could provide second injections to all those who have already received their first injections.
This is only based on those who have not received any vaccinations. In addition to these, there may well be those who have gotten their first shots but don’t get the second at the end of the year.

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