2,500 oxygen plants commissioned across India in record 112 days | India News


NEW DELHI: In a record 112 days, a total of 2,494 Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) have commissioned oxygen generation plants in government hospitals in 736 districts with a capacity to produce 3,324 tons of medical oxygen per day. This includes 1,183 PSA plants sanctioned under the PM CARES Fund.
“We are confident of putting the remaining 41 PM CARES Fund approved PSA oxygen generating plants into service by the end of this month. This task has been carried out on a mission basis and was an example of the joint work of “the whole government”. At the same time, 1,311 plants have been commissioned that were sanctioned by the central UPM and financed by other entities ”, said the Secretary of Housing and Urban Affairs, Durga Shanker. Mishra, who was tasked with leading this program.
According to a status document of the PSAs built using the PM CARES Fund, 100% of the sanctioned plants are operational in 22 states and UT; in nine other states and UT, more than 90% of the plants have been commissioned; and in the remaining five states, less than 90% of the plants are in operation.
Mishra said the government turned the crisis into an opportunity to install these plants in hospitals that had to rely on supply through cylinders. “Now these facilities will go a long way towards meeting the medical requirements in all districts. Under this program, we also trained about 7,000 people with technical experience to operate and maintain these plants, ”he said. The secretary said that these plants are equipped with the Internet of Things and by December everything will be covered.

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