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New Delhi: in addition to appointing new ministers, Congress you can also appoint ‘parliamentary secretaries’ in Rajasthan in an attempt to accommodate aspirations such as Ashok’s upcoming ministerial expansion Gehlot government has become a tightrope walk.
Sources said the ministerial expansion is likely to occur soon with estimates hovering around nine vacancies in Gehlot’s ministry with some 35 applicants.
While the Sachin Pilot The camp has a demand of around 6-7 seats, 10 independents who support the government are hopeful, as well as six BSP MLAs that merged with Congress.
Among others, there are at least 10 high-level members of Congress waiting to be rewarded in the normal course. Pilot has voiced his complaint that “resolution” of his complaints has not occurred despite the promise of the leadership of Congress.
The Gehlot camp is giving special consideration to independents who won on their own after Congress denied them a candidacy, but still came back to support the party that ultimately formed the government. There is also a desire to keep the former BSP contingent happy.


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