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BENGALURU: India’s National Space Promotion and Authorization Center (IN-SPACe), whose board was formally approved last month, will soon begin formal investigation of the proposals before it and will begin approving them in the coming months. .
IN-SPACe President Pawan Goenka, who was in Bengaluru last week to visit various Department of Space (DoS) facilities, told TOI: “We have more than 40 proposals from companies large and small. Last week we did some initial work on the Board (IN-SPACe) and we will soon begin to review the proposals before us. ”
As reported by TOI first, among the proposals to the newly formed space regulator are Jeff bezos” US-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) and UK-based OneWeb, supported by Bharti Enterprises. The proposals seek permission to install ground stations, establish satellite constellations, produce and launch satellites, launch vehicles and provide applications.
As of December 2020, IN-SPACe had 22 national proposals and four from abroad. While the total number of proposals has now crossed 40 of the 26 it was last year, an immediate disintegration of how many were from foreign companies could not be obtained.
Among India’s proposals, Tata’s Nelco has sought support for the technology demonstration of Low Earth Orbit Network Services, while L&T wants to “take an end-to-end role in the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV). .
Startups Astrome Technologies, Pixxel, Dhruva space from Bengaluru, Agnikul Cosmos Chennai and Hyderabad’s Skyroot Aerospace have applied for permits for space applications, satellite manufacturing, launch and development and launch vehicle launch, while Bengaluru-based Alpha Design has sought technology for small satellites, and MapmyIndia, based in Delhi, it has applied for approval to provide services.
AGNi (Accelerated Growth of New India Innovations) led by the office of the Chief Scientific Adviser of India, a number of institutions including IIT-B and IIT-M, and companies such as Orbitx India Aerospace, Vellon Space Capital of Tamboli, etc. have made proposals with IN-SPACe.
Role within space
Additionally, a recent government notification on IN-SPACe has given the one-stop-shop agency that will have its own cadre a varied list of roles and responsibilities, including developing an integrated launch manifest that considers requirements for Isro, CPSE, and non-governmental private companies. (NGPE).
“IN-SPACe’s decision will be final and binding on all interested parties,” the notification says.
The agency will be responsible for activities including the construction of launch vehicles and satellites, the provision of space-based services, the sharing of space infrastructure and premises under the control of the Department of Space (DoS) or de Isro, with due attention to ongoing activities.
According to the notification, it will be responsible for: “The establishment of temporary facilities within the DoS / Isro facilities based on safety and feasibility standards; establishment of new infrastructures and space facilities by NGPE based on safety standards, other authorizations; launch start based on launch vehicle and spacecraft readiness, ground and user segment, etc. ”
It will also be responsible for the construction, operation and control of the spacecraft for registration as an Indian satellite by the NGPE and all associated infrastructure for them.
“The use of data from spacecraft and the deployment of space-based services and all associated infrastructure, the development of a suitable mechanism for promotion and holding hands, the exchange of technologies and knowledge to encourage the participation of the NGPE ”, are also their responsibilities.

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