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A comparative guide to who is more at risk


When it comes to vaccinations hesitancy, it can be due to a number of things. Vaccine-related myths, rumors, and doubts and the increasing number of groundbreaking infections may contribute to your already existing skepticism against COVID vaccines.

Furthermore, the side effects of the vaccine can also contribute to your trials and tribulations. Although it goes away in a day or two, the side effects of vaccines can take their toll. But it’s just an indication that the vaccines are working, triggering immune responses that help keep future infections at bay.

In comparison, COVID-19 infections can induce similar immune responses, leading to inflammation and adverse symptoms, which can sometimes worsen and become more severe.

That said, if you are still refraining from getting vaccinated due to fear of the side effects you may or may not experience, you need to weigh your risk of getting a more serious COVID infection than experiencing the side effects of a day or two.

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