A month since launch, glitches continue to mar I-T portal functioning


NEW DELHI: One month after its launch and two weeks after the Finance Minister reviewed its operation, faults keep spoiling the functioning of new revenue tax portal given that certain key utilities such as electronic procedures and digital signature certificate are not yet functional, public accountants say.
Also, some foreign companies have faced problems logging into the portal, they said.
The new one so hyped income tax The portal ‘www.incometax.gov.in’ had a rocky start from the day of its launch on June 7, as it continued to face technological failures, prompting Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to convene a meeting on June 22. June with officials from Infosys, which has developed the new website.
Infosys in 2019 was awarded a contract to develop next-generation revenue the tax return system to reduce return processing time from 63 days to one day and speed up refunds.
Even after two weeks of the meeting and more than a month of the launch of the portal, users still continue to encounter multiple problems such as not being able to file TI statements during the last years, download bullying notice u / s 143 (1) to AY 2019-20 and earlier years, and Form-3 under ‘Vivad se Vishwas Scheme’ is not visible on the portal.
In response to inquiries about the IT portal failures, Infosys said: “We are in our period of silence. At our recently concluded annual general meeting, clarity was provided on the subject of income tax ”.
An email sent to the Ministry of Finance for comment went unanswered.
BDO India (Tax and Regulatory Services) partner Amit Ganatra said that after the Finance Minister’s meeting with the Infosys team on June 22, it appeared that all outstanding issues would be resolved quickly. While there has been an improvement in the operation of the site since then, it appears that technology-related challenges still persist and it may take longer to get the site fully up and running.
“The electronic procedures tab is not fully functional, the online rectification option is not available, the JSON utility for filing tax returns in ITR 5, 6 and 7 is not available yet, and unlike the website above, it is not there is a tab for the VsV scheme to provide complete information and without updating the pending actions tab, these are some of the functionalities, among others, that remain to be addressed in the new tax portal ”, added Ganatra.
Dhruva Advisors LLP partner Sandeep Bhalla said utility company Form 15CA / CB (related to remittances) is still on hold. Although physical presentation of these is allowed, it is a time-consuming process. This is a time when companies declare and pay dividends and physically submitting Form 15CA / CB for submission to each shareholder can be a chore.
“Furthermore, the DSC is now required to be registered in the personal e-filing account of the authorized signatory. In the case of foreign companies that have non-resident authorized signatories who do not have a PAN in India, it is not clear how this procedure is done. In fact, for such foreign companies, an error is being encountered even when trying to log into the e-filing portal, “added Bhalla.
The Chairman of the Direct Tax Committee of the PHDCCI Chamber of Industry, Mukul Bagla, said that the new income tax portal is expected to improve the efficiency of filing tax returns together with the general tax administration. However, since the portal has major flaws even to date, the income tax work of taxpayers and tax professionals is seriously hampered.
When listing some of the flaws in the portal, Bagla said that the taxpayer cannot present the ITR u / s 148 of the Income Tax Law of previous years, since the discharge of the utility is done erratically and the Attachment of the digital signature is not done consistently, even though the declaration must be submitted within 30 days of receipt of the notification.
Also, in many cases, the OTP does not contact the taxpayer for electronic verification of ITR. In the electronic procedure tab, responses cannot be submitted because the OTP is not reaching the authorized representative. This is creating major problems as procedures are running out.
In cases where tax lawsuits have been filed, there is no option to submit a request for intimidation u / s 143 (1). The taxpayer cannot submit requests u / s 154 for rectification of errors since the tab is not available.
Modification of taxpayer master data is having major problems and Form No. 3 (declaration certificate) under Vivad se Vishwas Scheme is not visible on the portal.
“The tax portal serves as the repository for all documents filed with the income tax department. However, the taxpayer cannot download most of the portal documents like the forms filed in previous years. The portal on the form current is very slow compared to the previous portal, “added Bagla.
Deloitte India partner Saraswathi Kasturirangan said that certain functionalities, such as checking the status of electronic procedures, submitting complaints requests, etc., were not initially operational and are now enabled, clearly indicating that the utility of the portal is expanding.
“Functionalities such as online filing of rectification have not yet been enabled. From a practical perspective, filing tax returns with the new JSON utility still presents challenges that will hopefully be resolved soon,” Kasturirangan added.
Following the failures in the portal after the June 7 launch, the Finance Ministry had invited interested parties to make contributions. The ministry received 700 emails from stakeholders detailing more than 2,000 issues, including 90 unique issues / issues on the new portal.
During the meeting with Sitharaman and other finance ministry officials on June 22, Infosys CEO Salil Parekh and COO Pravin Rao, along with other company officials, took note of the issues highlighted by The interested parts. They also acknowledged the technical issues on the portal and shared the status of the resolution regarding issues highlighted by stakeholders.
They reported that Infosys has been working to solve the technical problems noted in the operation of the portal and that they have increased the resources for the execution of the project both in the hardware and in the application and that some of the problems have already been identified and fixed ”, read a statement issued by the Income Tax department after the meeting.
For the other remaining technical problems, Infosys assured the government that its teams were working on them and gave it the expected timeframes within which the problems would be resolved.
During the meeting, Sitharaman had expressed deep concern about the various issues facing stakeholders in the new portal, which was expected to provide a seamless experience for contributors.
“The FM asked Infosys to address all issues without further loss of time, improve their services, resolve complaints with priority, as it was negatively affecting taxpayers,” said the statement issued after the meeting.
Last month, at the company’s annual shareholders meeting, Infosys had stated that it is working to resolve the issues on the portal and has already been successful on some fronts.

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