adani: Iran opposes Adani move to not handle cargo


NEW DELHI: After Adani Ports announced its decision to stop handling cargo from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran He said that while his efforts against drug trafficking had been praised even by the UN, they had been unfairly targeted by what he described as an unprofessional and unbalanced measure.
In a series of tweets on Wednesday, when announcing talks between the two countries’ narcotics control authorities to control drug trafficking, the Iranian embassy here said that Iran had suffered from many unfair trade restrictions and sanctions for more than 40 years and that it was once again unfairly targeted “ through the denial of trade and the prohibition of its shipments as an unprofessional and unbalanced measure. ”
The Adani group’s decision followed the seizure of nearly three tons of heroin from Afghanistan worth an estimated $ 2.65 billion from two containers in the west. GujaratPort of Mundra, managed by Adani Ports.
In order to highlight Iran’s role in fighting the drug threat, the embassy said that for many decades narcotics and organized drug trafficking from Afghanistan had posed a major threat to Iran, the region and the world, which required a “ nonstop ”. and united struggle, as well as genuine cooperation and partnership among all countries against this global problem. ” The embassy said that the occupation of Afghanistan by foreign forces, infighting between various groups and extreme poverty had contributed to a considerable increase in drug production.
“ Despite that, such factors, in particular the foreign occupation and the sudden flight (sic) of US forces and their allies from Afghanistan, are the main causes of the recent increase in all the chaos, insecurity and exacerbation of the drug trafficking in the region. ignored or underestimated, ” the embassy said in another tweet.

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