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afghanistan: India is looking to raise new ‘rocket force’ for missiles, says Gen Bipin Rawat | India News


NEW DELHI: Warning that China is becoming very aggressive and will intervene soon Afghanistan after friendly approaches to Iran and Turkey, Gen Bipin Rawat On Wednesday he said India needs an integrated national security architecture to deal with two hostile neighbors, contactless technology warfare and internal security challenges.
Drawing on Samuel Huntington’s seminal thesis ‘Clash of Civilizations’ during a talk at the India International Center, the chief of defense staff said that he mentions that Confucian or ‘Sinic’ civilization would actually join Islamic civilization to counter the western. .
“Whether that is going to happen or not, only time will tell. But we are seeing some kind of ‘collaboration’ between the Sinic and Islamic civilizations. You can see that China is now befriending Iran, moving towards Turkey and entering Afghanistan … They (China) will enter Afghanistan in the near future, “he said. Gen Rawat said.
Given that China’s rise happened faster than the world had anticipated, India will have to wait and watch as events unfold in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. “We do not know what is in the future. There may be more unrest in Afghanistan and changes that cannot be anticipated from now on,” he added.
As for Pakistan, the CDS said the Western adversary will continue to fuel and expand its indirect war against India. “Today, we find out what is happening in J&K. They (Pakistan) are trying in Punjab once again, and they are also trying to spread their wings in other parts of the country,” he said.
“A weaker adversary like Pakistan will always keep us engaged through a proxy war. In fact, they are a representative of our northern adversary (China). China has shown aggression in the South China Sea with the nations of that area. Whether it occurs in the form of direct aggression or the use of technology along our land borders, we have to be prepared, “he added.
India is taking “a comprehensive government approach” to address all security concerns. The country is looking to build a new ‘rocket force’ for different types of missiles, ensure greater ‘articulation’ between the armed forces and central armed police forces, and create dual-use infrastructure and logistics through civil merger. -military, he said. .
Efforts are already underway to build an integrated war machine by creating unified theater commands, strengthening capabilities in the space, cyberspace, and special operations domains.

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