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afghanistan: Taliban seize $6 million in cash, 15 gold bricks from ex-Vice President Saleh’s house


NEW DELHI: Taliban fighters have claimed in a viral video that they have seized up to $ 6 million in cash and about 15 gold bricks from the former’s residence Afghanistan Vice president Amrullah saleh in Panjshir province.
Saleh and the resistance front have yet to comment on the issue, Khaama News reported.
Ambassador of Afghanistan to Tajikistan, Mohammad Zahir Agbar, had claimed that President Ashraf Ghani he had “taken $ 169 million” when he fled Afghanistan.
He said that Ghani should be arrested and the wealth of the Afghan nation restored, Ozodi reported.
At a press conference in Dushanbe, Agbar called Ghani’s escape “a betrayal of the state and the nation” and claimed it had “taken $ 169 million.”
A series of official reports, many removed last week from US government sites, apparently due to “ ongoing security concerns, ” showed how a “ corrupt elite ” in Afghanistan was leading the government to personal gain while committing crimes with impunity, alienating ordinary people and driving. many in the arms of the insurgency, the Daily Mail had previously reported.
The waste of taxpayer money was staggering, with ‘ghost’ schools and military forces, counter-narcotics efforts that failed, unreliable construction and fuel deals that diverted billions, and cash and gold smuggled through the Kabul airport, according to The report.
American diplomatic cables revealed that an Afghan vice president flew to Dubai with 38 million pounds in cash, and that drug traffickers and corrupt officials were moving 170 million pounds a week out of the country where average earnings were just 430 pounds to the anus. the report said.

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