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After houses, Aligarh will now secure country’s borders: PM Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Tuesday that Aligarh, who was known for making locks to secure houses, will now play a major role in securing the country’s borders.
Inaugurating the defense corridorPrime Minister Modi said that India will not only become self-sufficient in defense matters, but also become a major exporter in this sector. The Prime Minister said this while laying the first stone for the Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh State University.
“The university will focus on modern education and emerge as a center for defense studies and defense research,” Modi said.
The establishment of a Defense Industrial Corridor in Uttar Pradesh was announced by the Prime Minister at the inauguration of the UP Investor Summit in Lucknow on February 21, 2018. A total of 6 nodes (Aligarh, Agra, Kanpur, Chitrakoot, Jhansi and Lucknow) have been planned in the Defense Industrial Corridor. The Uttar Pradesh Defense Industrial Corridor will help make the country self-sufficient in the field of defense production and promote ‘Make in India’.
The Prime Minister said that the defense corridor in Aligarh and the Raja Mahendra Pratap Singh The university would soon transform western Uttar Pradesh.
India is among the top five military spending countries and one of the emerging defense manufacturing centers in the world. To support the growth of the defense sector, two defense industrial corridors are being established in India, one in Uttar Pradesh and one in Tamil Nadu.
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