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NEW DELHI: India and China were involved in another verbal fight on Wednesday with the former criticizing Beijing for opposing the vice president. Venkaiah Naiduthe recent visit to Arunachal Pradesh and stressing that the state is an integral and inalienable part of India.
Rejecting China’s Foreign Ministry’s Comments on NaiduDuring the visit, the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Indian leaders routinely traveled to Arunachal Pradesh as they do to any other state in India. “Objecting to the visit of Indian leaders to a state in India is neither reasonable nor understanding for the Indian people,” the MEA spokesman said. Arindam bagchi said.
The strong and swift rebuttal also reminded India that the current situation along the Royal Line of Control (LACQUER) in the western sector of the border areas between India and China had been caused by unilateral attempts by the Chinese side to alter the status quo in violation of bilateral agreements.
“Therefore, we hope that the Chinese side will work towards an early resolution of the remaining issues throughout LAC in eastern Ladakh, fully complying with bilateral agreements and protocols rather than trying to link unrelated issues,” said the Indian official.

Talks between the two countries to resolve the military standoff in eastern Ladakh appeared to have collapsed earlier this week with both sides blaming each other for the stalemate. Claiming Arunachal as part of the south TibetChina has also opposed visits by Indian leaders there in the past.
Hours earlier, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Beijing strongly opposed Naidu’s visit as it never recognized the “so-called Arunachal Pradesh.”
“China’s position on the China-India border issue is consistent and clear. The Chinese government has never recognized the ‘so-called Arunachal Pradesh’ established unilaterally and illegally by the Indian side and strongly opposes the visit of the Indian leader to this aforementioned area, ”he said. Zhao Lijian.
He also urged the Indian side to “seriously respect China’s main concerns, stop taking any action that complicates and broaden the border issue, and refrain from undermining mutual trust and bilateral relations. Instead, it should take real measures to maintain peace and stability in the border area between China and India, and help to put China-India relations back on the path of solid and stable development, ”the Chinese official said.

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