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#AgainstAllOdds! Medha Shankar: Self-belief and perseverance are your only two best friends in this industry | Hindi Movie News


Actress Medha shankar which was last seen on a British television series’Beecham House‘He is currently enjoying the glory of accolades for his first feature film’Shaadisthan‘. In the film, she plays the role of an 18-year-old girl whose traditional family wants to compromise her against her wishes. Her performance has garnered rave reviews for her emotionally intense yet restrained portrayal of Arshi in the film. For this week’s ‘Against All Odds’, ETimes got in touch with the actress who spoke about her modeling days, the way things are shaping up for her, and how she manages to stay relevant in show business.

When you walked down the ramp in 2016, were you sure you were acting too?

Looking back at 2016, it feels really beautiful and at the same time overwhelming. From there, being a main star feels like a success. I still consider myself extremely new and crude as I don’t know much about the industry yet.

2016 was another ball game altogether. Spending 10-15 days with all these other beautiful girls, being groomed by experts from the organization, it was a lot of fun. That too, in a way, solidified my decision to at least give acting a fair shot, because I enjoyed so much during those 15 days of preparation that I told myself that I have to push myself for this.


Those 15 days of training taught me a lot. And then I came back, continued my studies, and by the time I was 100% sure, after completing my studies, I will go to Bombay and give acting a fair chance.

What has been your biggest takeaway from this trip?

Since 2018, I have been auditioning for acting projects. I think my biggest lesson so far, personally, has been that self-confidence and perseverance are your only two best friends. Honestly, not many people are going to believe in you. Not many casting directors are going to believe you at first. Not even your family members are going to believe in you.

You have to be your biggest cheerleader, you have to believe in yourself and in your potential and in everything you are capable of. Because with so many rejections that we will face in this industry, your trust is going to break.


And perseverance is also extremely important. Because this industry is so uncertain, you could be the most talented, most beautiful, best-presented, and very well-directed actor, yet you wouldn’t get a job if it’s not your time, it’s not your time.

What are some of the good memories of your career so far?

Being part of the ‘Shaadistan’ team, playing with them, it felt memorable, it felt like family. While working with Kirti, I learned a lot to explore my craft. I can say that today I am much more confident.

Throughout your years in show business, what have been your biggest obstacles?

Handling rejections is very important. Frankly, the amount of rejection you will face is uncomfortable. It’s 1000: 1. 1000 rejects, and then one thing will work. Therefore, you must be strong enough to remind yourself not to take rejections personally.

If something has not worked for you, it is not for you; I’ve learned it the hard way. I faced a lot of rejections, be it ads or web series or whatever; finally, I never kept score because it really affects you. It breaks your confidence and hinders your self-esteem.


And on a personal level, taking care of my mental health is something I learned last year. Acting and this industry is such an uncertain profession; you never know when your next paycheck will arrive. So yeah, things were really messy. I have to constantly remind myself that acting is not my life, it is just a part of life.

What are the types of challenges you face now?

My goal as an actor is to make as many diverse characters as I can. If I already made a character, which is a cute broken girl, I would like to break that image and I would want to make a gray character. I would like to collect projects and characters that are very different from what I have already done so far. Even in fact, even in the beginning, I wouldn’t say yes to any project. I’m a bit picky, so getting a good, diverse job feels like a challenge.


Are you happy with the way things are going in the industry?

I am very grateful. After 4 or 5 years, I am very happy with where I am now professionally. With the release of Shadistaan, people began to notice me. Now I am getting good project offers.

Is there anything you would like to say to your younger self when you are in front of the camera for the first time?

Just believe in yourself a little more. I used to be very impatient and very hard on myself. I wish I could have taken it easy, stopped and lived through that moment, and told myself that I’m on the right track.

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