Ahead of Aryan Khan’s bail hearing, fans show their support for Shah Rukh Khan’s son outside the court


While the audience of Shahrukh khanson of Aryan Khan‘s bail is up and running in a special cut, amateurs meet off the pitch in solidarity.

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The paparazzi clicked on a fan holding a poster in its hand. The poster has a picture of Aryan along with the words: ‘We support Aryan Khan ‘and’ Release Aryan Khan ‘written on it.

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Explaining the implementation and interpretation of the laws in force in Aryan’s case, Supreme Court attorney Khushbu Jain told ETimes: “Considering that NDPS It refers to the 1985 Law: the penalties for crimes are flexible. It depends on the amount involved in the commission of the crime. Violations involving ‘small amounts’ are punishable by a severe prison term that can be extended to one year or a fine that can be extended to 10,000 rupees or both. “He goes on to say that, in his legal opinion, Aryan should be able to pay. She says: “The aforementioned section, read in conjunction with the provisions of Annex II of the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1973, would make the present crime, if any, could be subject to bail.”

She further explains, “Even if we accept that Aryan consumed drugs, the NDPS Act provides immunity from prosecution if you are classified as an addict. The law states that “addicts who volunteer for treatment enjoy immunity from prosecution.” This immunity could be withdrawn if the addict does not undergo full treatment. ”

Today, the special court will hear ASG oppose the declaration of surety.

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