AIIMS study claims Delta variant is highly infectious even for those who are vaccinated


In the study carried out by a team of experts from AIIMS-IGIB (Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology), 63 symptomatic patients were observed and evaluated, who had reported persistent fever for five to seven days. Of the 63 people, 36 patients had received two doses, while 27 had received one dose of vaccine. “Ten patients received AZD1222 / Covishield, while 53 received BBV152 / Covaxin,” the study reads.

About 76.9 percent of Delta variant infections were reported in people who had received only one dose of the vaccine, while 60 percent were in people who had received both doses.

The NCDC-IGIB study suggested that the progression of infections due to the Delta variant was greater in people who had received the Covishield vaccine. About 27 patients who had taken Covishield reported delta breakthrough infections, with an infection rate of 70.3 percent.

The study commented on the increasing number of COVID patients infected with the Delta variant, saying: “Re-infections and vaccine breakthrough infections are rare occurrences and genomic sequencing of vaccine breakthrough infections can provide useful information.” . In the current group of novel vaccine infections investigated by genome sequencing, closely overlapping and reflecting COVID-19 cases in Delhi states, variants of interest B.1.617.2 and B.1.1.7 comprised most, but the proportions were not significantly different compared to the population prevalence of the variants during this period with high community transmission “.


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