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HAMIRPUR: attacking the BJP, President of the Samajwadi Party (SP) Akhilesh Yadav on Wednesday he said that the saffron party would never act against the union minister whose son has been arrested in connection with the Lakhimpur killings, as he “stands with the criminals” who are the happiest under the current regime.
In an indirect reference to the Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath, he used the term “chillumjeevi”. “Chillum” is a smoking pipe often used by “sadhus”.
About his “Vijay Rath Yatra“Here, Yadav said that Adityanath likes two things, the bull and the bulldozer, but the people of Bundelkhand have decided that the direction of the bulldozer, which is in their hands, will be taken from him at next year’s assembly. election. .
“They will run the vote bulldozer at the BJP in the next election,” he said.
Yadav was reportedly referring to the stray cattle threat in Uttar Pradesh and the government’s push to bulldoze buildings, plans for many of which were not approved, in various parts of the state.
“The BJP will never act against the (Union) minister because it supports criminals. If criminals are the happiest anywhere, it is under the rule of the BJP,” he said, responding to journalists’ questions about the incident. by Lakhimpur Kheri.
Eight people, including four farmers and a journalist, were killed in the October 3 violence that erupted during a farmers’ protest in Lakhimpur Kheri. The son of Ajay Mishra Household Union Minister of State Ashish Mishra is among those arrested in connection with the incident.
Without giving a name, Yadav said the “chillumjeevi” is now distributing tablets to students and wondered why such an initiative was not taken in the past four years.
He warned people against “chillumjeevi” and asked if they understood who he was referring to.
The SP president was apparently referring to the prime minister who distributed tablets and smartphones to young people recently.
Addressing a public meeting later, Yadav said: “When farmers protested against farm laws, they were crushed under the wheels of vehicles.”
Attacking the ruling BJP for three controversial agricultural laws of the Center, he said: “I want to tell the farmers of Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh and the country that the way the BJP has brought the three black laws, it will crush you like that the (four) farmers were crushed and killed in Lakhimpur Kheri. ”
“As of now, the farmers and the laws have been crushed, and the Constitution could also be crushed. So the BJP must be eliminated by force of the vote,” added the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.
On the situation in the water-scarce Bundelkhand region, he said: “The maximum number of farmers have committed suicide in Mahoha, Hamirpur, Banda and the surrounding areas and after coming to power, the SP government will expand all facilities to farmers here, either irrigation or mandis. ”
He argued that the three new agricultural laws introduced by the Center will force farmers to leave agriculture and turn them into workers.
“There is very less time left for the elections. The BJP does not want to give their rights to the backward classes and the Dalits and therefore a caste census has not been carried out so far. It should be done as the BJP says that Yadavs are the who have benefited the most. I want to tell them that they are deceiving the people, “said the head of the SP.
Reiterating his accusation that projects launched during his tenure as prime minister have been restarted and renamed by the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh, Yadav alleged that the current regime has sold government assets.
He also claimed that on behalf of a defense corridor in the Bundelkhand region, land was acquired from farmers, but no industry emerged here.
“This is the BJP’s ‘sutli bomb’. They had shown the dream of a defensive runner and betrayed the poor people of Bundelkhand. They are people who tell lies and you have to be alert about them. Just think, if a yogi is telling lies, where will people go? Yadav said.
Speaking about the “samajwadi pension plan” launched by his government, he said that if necessary, the amount under the plan would triple after the SP returns to power.
The scheme, started by Yadav in 2014, provides a monthly pension of Rs 500 to families below the poverty line.

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