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Amazon teases major updates for Kindle devices


E-commerce specialization Amazon it will bring a major update for Kindle devices soon. The company has announced a new software update for Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis.
What new features will the update bring?
Amazon has revealed that the upcoming update will provide an easier and more intuitive way to navigate on Kindle devices. With the update, users will be able to perform functions such as adjusting the brightness of the device, turning on Airplane modeand access All Settings with a simple swipe down from the top of the screen.
It will also add a new bottom navigation to Kindle devices. Using it, Kindle owners can easily switch between Home and Library, or the current book.
What devices will be eligible for this update?
As revealed by Amazon, Kindle devices (8th generation and above), Kindle Paperwhite (7th generation and above), and Kindle Oasis will be eligible for the update. It will be implemented in the coming weeks.
Another update coming later this year.
In addition to the update coming next week, Amazon has also announced that it will bring another software update to Kindle devices later this year. The update will introduce an improved Home and Library experience on devices.
Users will see a new filter and can sort the menus in the Library settings. It will introduce a new collections view and interactive scroll bar for Kindle e-book readers. Additionally, users will be able to access up to 20 of their recently read books with a left swipe on Home.
Amazon has added new features to Kindle devices over the years. Recently, it added features like faster downloads and the ability to set the book cover as a screen saver for devices without ads.

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