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Amrita Rao: Only eco-friendly idols should be allowed for visarjan into the sea | Hindi Movie News


Amrita rao he’s in a celebratory mood as his favorite festival, Ganeshotsav, is here. Personally, he celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi at home for a day and a half. She introduced her son Veer to Lord Ganesha as this was the first of the newborn. Amrita, who uses and reuses a silver murti year after year for puja, believes in celebrating each festival with ecology in mind.

She says: “I hope everyone follows the green celebrations. We should make sure our festivities don’t harm anyone else. I’ve always said to get rid of POP murtis (idols made of plaster of paris). Instead, people should look for murtis made from shadu maati, which is clay and is not harmful to mother nature. I also feel that only these ecological idols should be able to visarjan in the sea. ”

Amrita started an Eco Bappa Morya initiative in 2019 to spread awareness. She says, “Ganesh Chaturthi was formerly a home celebration in which the Ganesh Ji idol was made of clay collected from the compound of one’s home and the visarjan was made in the well within the compound. This was a symbol of: ‘What comes from the earth returns to the earth.’

He further adds: “I feel that sarvajanik mahotsav has become a competition whose idol is better, and so on. and thus the sheer size of idols and the ornaments and fantasies of the orchestra and loud music have posed new challenges. I think the size of your devotion is not measured by the size of the idol you pray to. I look forward to continuing all possible efforts in the future to promote an environmentally friendly celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi. ”

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