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Anil Ambani may also have been surveilled: Report | India News


NEW DELHI: phone numbers that have been used by Anil Ambani and another official of the Reliance ADA Group were added to the leaked list that was scrutinized by media partners from the Project Pegasus consortium, The Wire web portal said Thursday.
“The mere presence of a number on this list does not imply that the smartphone connected to it has been successfully spied upon, a conclusion that can only be established by performing digital forensics on the device’s data, but the consortium has reason to Believe that you represent a person of interest to an unknown customer of the NSO Group“Said the portal in its latest revelation on the Pegasus controversy.

The report said the addition to the list occurred around the time a legal challenge was mounted in the Supreme Court against the Rafale aircraft deal.
Opposition groups had sparked a controversy over the Modi the government’s decision to purchase 36 Rafale aircraft from French firm Dassault and its decision to appoint Ambani’s firm as the clearing partner for the deal. The report said the numbers of Dependence ADAG’s head of corporate communications Tony Jesudasan as well as his wife also appeared on the list in 2018.
The Wire, however, could not confirm whether Ambani is still using the number it had in 2018, which is when it was added to the list. The lack of response from the company also ruled out the possibility of asking if they would agree to participate in the digital forensic analysis process of the Pegasus Project, ”said the web portal.

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