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Anil Kapoor reacts to a troll calling Sonam and him ‘shameless’, reveals his ‘jawaani ka raaz’ | Hindi Movie News


Anil Kapoor opened up about trolls and also gave some really hilarious answers to the secret of his eternity.

The actor recently appeared on Arbaaz Khan’s chat show, where he read some of the baddest comments posted against him and gave his reaction to it. TO Troll had made a rude comment about Anil and his daughter Sonam kapoor Ahuja who said: ‘I think father and daughter are shameless. They can do anything for money. ‘ Calmly responding to the troll, Anil stated that if that person has commented like this, he must be in a very bad mood or upset.

Anil, who is one of the fittest and most attractive actors we have on the block, also spoke about his lack of age. One of the questions that netizens had for the actor was “Anil Kapoor ke jawaani ka raaz kya hai”. Responding to the same thing, Anil articulated the lyrics of a Bollywood song, ‘Bahut diya dene wale ne tujhko / aanchal hi na samaaye to kya kije’.

In a recent interview with a news portal, Anil had opened up about living away from his daughter Sonam, who now resides in London after her marriage to Anand Ahuja. He reportedly said that like all parents everywhere, he and his wife miss their children when they are away, and constantly worry about them. However, the actor added that they also recognize that they are fortunate to live in the age of technology that allows them to see and talk to them whenever they get anxious, and that has been a huge relief.

His second daughter Rhea kapoor she also married her longtime boyfriend Karan boolani Recently. She is currently on a honeymoon with her newly married husband.

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