Apple may add a ‘thermometer’ inside the AirPods


Apple supposedly is doing AirPods with various health features including posture and body temperature control. Apart from this, the Airpods will also have the ability to function as headphones, a report by The Wall Street Journal reads. The claims are based on documents showing a prototype of these headphones with temperature sensors that monitor the user’s core body temperature from within a year.
The report further suggests that the temperature sensors in the AirPods in development may work in conjunction with the sensors present in the Apple Watch Series 8. The earbuds are also said to use motion sensors to monitor the wearer’s posture and notify them if their body is drooping. . .
The company recently released a firmware update for AirPods Pro that brings a ‘Conversation Boost’ feature to the device. The new function increases the volume and clarity of the voice of the people who are directly in front of the user. The device already has microphones, an amplifier, and a processor that can support hearing aid functionality. It is not yet clear whether the company is considering hearing function as a specific feature of a hearing aid or an extension of the Conversation Boost feature.
AirPods with the aforementioned features are not expected to launch anytime soon, but the company may release new earbuds during the upcoming event on October 18. According to previous reports, the next headphones went into production last month and will look similar to the current generation. AirPods Pro.
The rumored true wireless stereo headphones are expected to have a new chipset. The new generation of AirPods is also said to power the new Lossless Audio feature introduced by Apple’s music streaming platform. It is speculated that the headphones will have a much better battery life compared to previous generations.

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