Arbaaz Merchant’s lawyer Taraq Sayed: NCB’s case is based on chats from a mobile, but the panchnama has no mention of seizure of phone – Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News


Arbaaz Merchant Attorney Taraq sayed has revealed that the Narcotics Control Office (NCB) doesn’t really have a strong case and it’s all based on WhatsApp chats recovered from Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchantphones of. Sayed says: “The case is based on the WhatsApp chats recovered from the mobile phone of the two defendants, which were neither taken nor confiscated. The seizure in the panchnama is not mentioned. ”

Sayed agrees that his client was in possession of a small amount of contraband, but said he filed a request with the court to obtain the CCTV footage of the cruise terminal that the NCB has opposed.

The NCB has alleged that Aryan and Arbaaz Merchant shared drugs and that there was also a plan to buy drugs in the future. Sayed replies: “There is no mention of all this in the forwarding copy.”

Arbaaz Merchant is a close friend of Aryan Khan and is the son of Aslam Merchant, who is also a lawyer. Arbaaz and Aryan were detained together at the cruise terminal on the night of the raid.

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