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A Mumbai session court was hearing Aryan Khan’s bail statement, Arbaaz Merchant, Munmun Dhamecha and other defendants in the drug case today. After many arguments presented by the Narcotics Control Office‘s (NCB) advises Additional Attorney General (ASG) Anil C Singh and Special Public Prosecutor (SPP) Advait Sethna, and attorney Aryan Khan Amit desai concluded, the court decided to reserve his order until October 20. Many people expected the court to give its final order today, and some hoped that Aryan Khan would post bail, while others felt their bail statement might be rejected. But the court decided to give its final order 6 days later, on October 20.

Lawyers for both NCB and the defendant revealed in press conferences after the court hearing that all groups of lawyers have submitted multiple copies of the ruling to the court, which the judge will have to study before issuing an order. Therefore, the judge will need time to study all the documents and approve the final order on the bail bond. Attorney Advait Tamhankar, an associate of Taraq Sayed representing Arbaaz Merchant in the case, said: “Attorney Amit Desai argued that this case is not related to any conspiracy, but rather an independent recovery. Now, the Court decided to reserve this order for October 20. Amit Desai, ASG Anil C Singh and all the other attorneys present in court have submitted multiple copies of the ruling to the court to support our claims. The honorable judge will have to read those rulings before approving his order, so it will take so long. ”

Ali Kashif Khan, a lawyer for Munmun Dhamecha, provided similar information. He said: “After all the attorneys present in court presented their arguments, they all made multiple presentations to the Court. The Court will read all of these filing documents before reaching its final order. Let’s hope we get a positive result on October 20. ”

Aryan Khan, Arbaaz Merchant, Munmun Dhamecha and dozens of others were detained and arrested by the OCN after a raid was carried out on the Mumbai cruise terminal and on a cruise ship heading to Goa. After being detained on October 2, all of the defendants were arrested on various charges under the NDPS Act by the NCB later.

Now all eyes will be on the Mumbai session court and his order is due to arrive on October 20. Until then, Aryan Khan and other defendants will be housed at the Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai.

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