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The bail hearing of Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, has been postponed to tomorrow by the Mumbai court. During today’s hearing in the NDPS special court, the attorney representing Aryan Khan argued that the star child was not involved in any sale or purchase of illegal substances.

Amit Desai, a lawyer for SRK’s son, said: “They are little children. In many countries these substances are legal. Let’s not punish on bail. Let’s not make things worse for them. They have suffered enough already, they have learned their lesson, in everything. They are not street vendors, blackmailers or traffickers. ” He also claimed that false accusations of Aryan’s involvement in drug trafficking are being leveled against him.

On the other hand, the Narcotics Control Office in its response filed in special court on Wednesday, it said its investigation has revealed Aryan Khan’s role in the illicit acquisition and distribution of contraband.

Questioning the admissions recorded in the panchnama, Amit desai He said: “Someone may have told you that Aryan Khan has drugs, he will use them, but that is wrong. They identified people as if they had photos, but that is intelligence from the agencies, they do a good job too! He must have known everything and They wanted to catch them, but Khan had zero, so any information they had was false. According to the panchnama and everything else, Khan admits that Merchant was carrying charas for consumption. How are admissions recorded in panchnamas? That is a separate issue to consider “.

Aryan was arrested earlier this month at a party on a cruise ship bound for Goa by NCB. Initially, it remained in the NCBcustody after which he was sent to judicial custody. He is currently housed in the Arthur Road Jail.

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