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MUMBAI: It is “inherently absurd and false” for NCB to download a crime of ‘illicit drug trafficking’ in Aryans Khan (23), son of the actor Shahrukh khan, as a reason for denying him bail, said his lead attorney Amit desai on Wednesday, adding that the agency, which is aware of its more important role, “must be cautious when speaking about a serious legal term of ‘illicit trafficking’ casually to object to a bond statement.”
Desai said that Section 27A is the only smuggling offense under the NDPS Act and it should be noted that NCB rightly never invoked it against Khan as it has no case. He was arrested only for alleged consumption of small amounts, with no recovery of drugs or money from him and therefore no case of drug use, sale or purchase, and he was not arrested even for complicity or conspiracy, he said. Even consumption there is no proof of, since it was your friend Arbaaz Merchant who in the NCB panchanama of October 2 is recorded talking about consuming charas.
But opposing Khan’s bail, Arbaaz (26) and Munmun Dhamecha (28), heard on Tuesday, NCB said: “There is enough material in the form of WhatsApp chats, pictures, etc. to show that Khan was an active part of the illicit drug chain with other co-defendants, therefore, complicity and conspiracy apply, and they do too. ” the rigors of not posting bail under the NDPS “.” NCB has material to show that Khan was in contact with some people abroad who appear to be part of an international drug ring for the illicit purchase of drugs, and the person is being investigated, “said the additional attorney general. Anil Singh with Advait Sethna, special counsel for the agency.
Khan should be granted bail, as the maximum punishment is one year in prison, said Desai, who appeared with Satish Maneshinde at the physical hearing before the NDPS special judge in the court of sessions, VV Patil. He noted how the NDPS Act was amended to reduce the punishment for consumption and said that “they are not street vendors, blackmailers or drug traffickers.” “Let’s not make things worse for young people. They have suffered enough. They have been in custody since October 3. They have learned their lesson. Let’s not keep them behind bars and deny them bail, ”Desai said.
The crux of the NCB case is that all of the defendants are “inextricably connected” to each other in a conspiracy and that Khan used to buy charas from Merchant. Desai said NCB has made the accusation of an international drug chain, but where is the question of any connection of Khan to other defendants or a conspiracy? In fact, Section 29 for conspiracy was not even invoked against Khan in the arrest memorandum, but now the NCB’s response is based on a “conspiracy”, although the specific information may have been from a “rave party” at a cruise ship, “but it does not entitle them to pick up people who are not otherwise connected and from whom there is no recovery of contraband or to retain their custody when not necessary,” he said.
Merchant’s defender Taraq Sayed argued that even if NCB is correct in saying that 6g of charas were recovered from him, it is a small amount and the law provides immunity from prosecution for use. Munmun Dhamecha defender Ali Kaashif Khan said she was invited on board to “add glamor as she is a model.” He also denied that the alleged 5 grams of hashish found in his cabin were hers. The NCB uses “a very scary term” like smuggling and “just throws it at Aryan Khan,” Desai said.
NCB’s ASG Anil Singh said the agency was “responsible for its role” and that “the entire nation is concerned about the problem of young people using drugs.” He will continue with his presentations on Thursday, after which bail grounds will be decided.

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