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NEW DELHI: The Center on Thursday called for greater acceptance of Covid vaccination, responsible travel and festivities, along with proper use of masks and physical distancing to avoid a further increase in Covid-19 cases, even as the number of cases falls. it is stabilizing in most states, including Kerala.
The country’s overall weekly positivity rate has been below 3% for the past 11 weeks.
“Several states are taking preventive measures at the state level and we are seeing some decrease in infection in states like Kerala. Other states are also on the way to avoiding a surge in the future. However, we know that festivals are on the anvil and the sudden increase in population density creates an environment very conducive to viral spread. We have to remember that, ”said the Director General of the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), Dr. Balram Bhargava.
Outlining four measures as the call of the moment, Bhargava urged people to increase acceptance of the vaccine, maintains Appropriate for Covid behavior, responsible travel if necessary, and responsible holidays to avoid a further increase in cases.
Currently, 64 districts still report more than 5% positivity for Covid-19.
“They are districts of concern where appropriate Covid behavior, vaccination and surveillance in these areas must be strictly monitored,” said Health Secretary Rajesh. Bhushan said.
Despite an improvement in daily cases, Kerala remains the only state with active cases above one lakh. The southern state alone accounted for nearly 68% of the total cases reported last week.
Mizoram It is also a state of concern, authorities said.
“In the next two to three months, we must remain cautious in the face of any increase in Covid cases. We ask everyone to be careful in the coming quarter. We are happy to see the number of cases stabilize, even in Kerala, ”said Dr NITI Aayog, Health Member VK Paul said.
Officials said vulnerability may increase in October-November, when festivals will also increase.
“This is the time when flu cases are also on the rise,” said Dr. Pablo said. He also urged state and district administrations to ensure that there is preparedness in terms of adequate beds, oxygen supply, ambulances, medicines, etc. to address any potential increases.
On the dengue outbreak, the government said there are reports of the viral disease outbreak in states such as Delhi, Haryana, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Assam. “When water accumulates, it gives rise to the Aedes mosquitoes responsible for dengue outbreaks. Source reduction occurs in every state every year. We have received reports of dengue outbreaks in Delhi, Haryana, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Assam“Bhushan said.

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