Asus announces #DiscardResposibily campaign for e-waste disposal


Asus has announced a new initiative, #DiscardResponsbly, to evoke a sense of responsibility among citizens. According to the company, the new initiative is a step towards building a sustainable environment by raising awareness about the impact of careless dumping of e-waste on the environment.
As part of the new initiative, the company is also organizing a digital consumer engagement activity.
The campaign will be activated on International Electronic Waste Day, which is October 14, and will run until October 31.
To motivate people to move towards building an e-waste-free environment, the company is also running an exciting contest as part of the campaign, where people must click on an image while discarding their e-waste at Asus. and publish it on social media platforms, using #DiscardResponsibly, hashtags and #ASUS tags ASUS India sort out. Two lucky entrants, who drive the ultimate e-waste engagement in their posts during the 18-day campaign period, will have a chance to win Asus prizes.
How to request electronic waste collection
Toll Free: 1800 2090365
Individuals who wish to dispose of their e-waste after October 31 can continue to contact the toll-free number 1800 2090 365 for details on Asus India disposable centers across the country.

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