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NEW DELHI: Noting that India had a ‘very positive experience’ in harnessing the power of women for national development, Minister of Defense Rajnath singh on Thursday he cited the example of the former prime minister Indira gandhi leading the country in times of peace and war for several years.
Addressing an international seminar of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on the role of women in the armed forces, Singh said that their broader contribution in all spheres of security and nation-building must also be recognized and reinforced.
“The former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, not only ran the country for several years, she did it during wartime as well. And more recently, Pratibha patil he was the president of India and the supreme commander of the Indian armed forces, ”said the minister.
“There are a number of examples of women who took up arms to protect their country and people’s rights throughout history. Rani Laxmi Bai is among the most revered and respected among them, ”he added.
Noting that Indian customs and traditions revered women as caregivers and protectors, Singh said: “If Saraswati is our goddess of knowledge, wisdom and learning, Mother Durga it remains associated with protection, force, destruction and war. ”
India is one of the few countries that took an early initiative in terms of women’s participation in the armed forces. “Women are now also being accepted for permanent commission in the armed forces and will be in command of Army units and battalions in the near future … We have taken the evolutionary path of moving from support to combat support and subsequently to combat support. to combat weapons within the armed forces. ” “Said the minister.
“We have found that the induction process, given its broad and progressive trajectory, has also simultaneously prepared society and the military for this change. This is an important aspect to ensure a smooth and successful transition ”, he added. Girl cadets will also be able to join the main three-service National Defense Academy starting next year.

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