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NEW DELHI: The presence of veteran Ghulam Nabi Azad in various frames with Rahul gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday, a meeting with the president and a photographic exhibition on the 1971 war caught the attention of congressional leaders.
The Congressional Working Committee will meet on Saturday to discuss the current political situation, the upcoming assembly elections and, most importantly, the organizational elections. The CWC meeting follows a demand from Azad, the G-23 leader, in a letter to the president of Congress. Sonia Gandhi recently, this calendar of organizational elections should be urgently discussed by the higher body and also by the state of the party. In what was seen as a preview of the letter, Rajya sabha MP Kapil sibal held a press conference where he lashed out at congressional affairs and said that no one knew who was making decisions in the party in the absence of a full-time president. Sibal had also said that the G-23, the dissident bloc, would continue to pose problems. It was followed by protests outside Sibal’s residence by party members, which were described as orchestrated by other G-23 leaders. This has increased the tension between the dissident bloc and the loyalists.
While it is believed that the CWC may see a showdown between the party and the G-23, Azad’s presence with Rahul in the run-up to the meeting is leading many to speculate that the brainstorming could be conciliatory, as you can see the two parts. keep in touch.
In addition to internal surveys, the CWC is likely to be dominated by the debate on the political situation and recent Lakhimpuri Kheri showdown where the Gandhi brothers took the lead to dodge BJP. This can dilute the G-23 agenda in the general discussion. It will be seen if dissidents push for urgent internal elections, and if loyalists lash out at G-23 members like Sibal.

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