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bansri: Afghan origin Indian national allegedly kidnapped in Kabul, Afghanistan | India News


AMBALA: Indian citizen of Afghan origin Bansri Lal Arendeh (around 50), who belongs to the Hindu Khost community of Afghanistan, was allegedly abducted at gunpoint from Kabul on the morning of Tuesday, September 14, he said Puneet Singh Chandhok, President of the World Forum of India.
According to the information, Arendeh, whose family lives in Faridabad in the Delhi NCR region, is a businessman who trades pharmaceuticals in Afghanistan for the past two decades and he, along with the staff, were on their way to his store in Kabul when the incident occurred.
Local Kabul sources confirmed that Bansri Lal has been missing for more than 36 hours since Tuesday morning.
Sources said that the incident took place under the boundaries of Kabul Police District (PD) 11 and that the Kabul local police registered a case of Arendeh’s abduction and started the investigation.
Chandhok raised the issue with the Government of India and sought the Prime Minister’s intervention Narendra modi, Interior Minister Amit Shah and Union Foreign Minister S Jaishankar to help the family at the highest level.
Chandhok tweeted Wednesday morning: “It is alarming to learn about the abduction at gunpoint of Bansri Lal Arendeh, a 50 year old # Afghan #hindu Indian national in #Kabul yesterday morning. I request @narendramodi ji @DrSJaishankar ji @ AmitShah ji @MEAIndia to step in and help the family at the highest level and rescue him. ”
Leader of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) Manjinder Singh (MS) Sirsa also requested the intervention of the Government of India.
MS Sirsa said: “After some armed men abducted Bansri Lal at gunpoint, his brother and some members of the local community filed a complaint about his abduction. He is a well-established businessman in Kabul. I have spoken with the people of Kabul. I urge the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to immediately intervene and rescue Bansri Lal as soon as possible. Minorities in Kabul are concerned for his life and safety. ”
When contacted about the measures taken and the investigation by the authorities in Kabul, Chadhok said: “Unit 021 of the intelligence department of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has taken up the case and is currently investigating it. Members of the local community have met with local officials today (Wednesday), but so far the identity and motive of his kidnappers has not been established. According to the local population at the scene, the kidnappers took him away in a vehicle that is used primarily by Taliban officials. The Taliban are raiding different locations to search for Bansri after registering a case. ”
Chandhok added that they are working with the Government of India, which is in contact with international people to determine the whereabouts of Bansri Lal and gather more information about his abduction.
About Arendeh, Chandhok said: “His family lives in India and he is an Indian citizen from a family that does business and still travels to Afghanistan for work. His older brother Ashok Kumar, who is his business partner, also he is in Kabul. Bansri Lal was in Kabul before the Taliban took over the government there and he wanted to come to India but was unable to do so because evacuation flights could not function properly. ”

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