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Battlegrounds Mobile India ‘Server Busy’ error: Why this is happening and how to fix the issue


Shortly after Krafton officially released Battlegrounds Mobile India On Android, the total number of players increased, leading to various bugs and issues. The most common mistake BMI players are reporting in recent days is the server busy message.
The message says: “The server is busy, please try again later. Error code: restriction zone. “This error message prevents players from opening the game.
The error message first appeared when the game was in early access beta. Few players, for whatever reason, still face these problems.
If you are one of them and you want to know why this keeps happening with your game, we have three possible reasons for this.
Reason 1: it could be due to the downloaded version of the game
Make sure to download the game only from the Google Play Store. Downloading it through a third party app stores or APK and Obb files, the game may give you this error.
Fix: Uninstall the current version of your smartphone and reinstall the game from the Google Play Store.
Reason 2: use of unsupported platforms
According to Krafton, the game is only available on the Android operating system. So if you are using it through an emulator or any other unsupported device, you might get the error message.
Fix: Go back to a compatible device
Reason 3: trying to access BGMI from countries other than India
From day one, Krafton made it clear that BGMI is an India exclusive title and only players from India can access the game.
Fix: Well there is no solution for this unless you are planning to visit India.
Reason 4: internet connectivity problem
A bad internet connection can also cause this error. If the speed of the Internet connection is not sufficient, you will not be able to connect to the game server.
Fix: Switch to a better and faster internet connection
It is important to understand that these are only speculated reasons and possible solutions. Krafton has not officially said anything about this.

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