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Bhagwant Mann advises Centre to talk to farmers | India News


NEW DELHI: Aam Aadmi Party Punjab Boss of unit Bhagwant mann and Punjab unit in charge Jarnail singh on Thursday he criticized the central government for the farmers’ problems. They said the Narendra Modi government, which is already repressing the farmers with the three blacks agricultural laws, is now adding to that damage by introducing the Electricity Amendment Bill, 2021, which will eventually remove the state’s rights.
“Farmers demanding the repeal of three black agricultural laws have been sitting on the borders of Delhi for the past eight months, regardless of the weather conditions, and hundreds of them have been martyred. But the Modi government has taken a callous and shameless stance by not listening to the legitimate demands of farmers. They said that the black farm laws were “death orders” for farmers and that the government is not ready to withdraw these laws, “Mann said.
Speaking about the 2021 Electricity Amendment Bill, Bhagwant Mann said that it is the same bill that was discussed during the 11 rounds of meetings between farmers and BJP the ministers Piyush Goyal and Narendra Singh Tomar. “During the meetings, farmers were promised that this bill will not be presented. However, later, during the all-party meeting, I was told that the promise was made on the condition that if these discussions with the farmers came to a positive conclusion, they would not introduce the electricity bill. However, because that dialogue never reached any conclusion, they are now introducing this bill, ”Mann said during a press conference at the party’s office in Delhi.
He stated that under this bill, electricity will no longer be a right of the states. “The central government is now taking electricity rights from the states, such as GST, agriculture, health and education. Punjab delivers 40 percent of the grain to the central pool, and electricity in the tube wells is free for farmers. However, with this bill, the electricity subsidy that farmers were receiving from the Punjab government will end, ”Mann said, adding that after the implementation of this bill, farmers will start receiving bills, which that will put a heavier burden on them.
“It is under a well-thought-out conspiracy by the Modi government to make agriculture more expensive that the farmers themselves turn over their land to the capitalists,” Mann said.
AAP will continue their protest against farm laws along with the Electricity Amendment Bill from the streets to the Parliament.
The AAP leader advised the central government to speak to farmers who are now protesting in Jantar Mantar.

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