Bhoomi Trivedi opens up on her Garba song ‘Garbe Ki Raat’ controversy: Religious folk songs should not be insulted | Gujarati Movie News


Bhoomi Trivedi’s latest release ‘Garbe Ki Raat‘has created quite a stir, especially among the Gujarati hearings. Presenting Rahul Vaidya and Nia sharma At the helm, the video for the song is directed and choreographed by Rahul Shetty. In the middle of the Hindi lyrics, a part of a Gujarati folk song ‘Ramva Aavo Madi’ has been added to the song, which has not gone well with the Gujarati audience.

Nia’s entry into the song with Gujrati folk lyrics sung in the background has disturbed devotees around the corner. People have expressed their concerns and disappointments through various social media platforms. They claim to be deeply hurt by the lead actress’ disgusting video portrayal of popular religious expressions that are directed at goddesses.

When ETimes approached singer Bhoomi, who sang the song to learn more about the controversy, here is what she has to say.

“I would like to address the entire community regarding this release. As a singer, I completed the audio recording of the song and went back to my life and other work. I have nothing to do with the video. As soon as I saw the performance on video of the folk part, I immediately removed all promotional videos from my social networks. You will not find anything posted about this song on my social networks now. I myself condemn such representation. I am very aware and respect the dignity and essence of the songs that we appreciate it in Gujarat, ”says Bhoomi in an exclusive chat with ETimes.

“Religious folk songs should not be insulted, whatever the reason or the situation. I support and stand firm for my community and my people. I will soon make an official public statement on this. Once again, I would like to emphasize that I do not do so and that I would never support or promote such representation. As they say in Gujarat (
Puja Karta Na Aavde to Na Karo Pan Khotu Karvu Nai), Bhoomi joins the conversation and closes the session.

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