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NEW DELHI: Bhutan on Thursday he announced that he reinforced a “three-step road map“for speeding up negotiations with China to resolve the long-pending border dispute between the two countries, a fact that India said it has taken note of.
The signing of the pact came four years after the Indian and Chinese armies were caught in a 73-day standoff at the Doklam crossing after China tried to extend a highway in the area.
“We have taken note of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Bhutan and China today. You know that Bhutan and China have been conducting boundary negotiations since 1984. Similarly, India has been conducting boundary negotiations with China. ” Spokesman at the Foreign Ministry, Arindam Bagchi said.
I was answering a question about the deal.
In a statement, Bhutan said that its foreign minister Lyonpo Tandi Dorji and the deputy foreign minister of China Wu jianghao signed the memorandum of understanding on the “three-step road map” to speed up negotiations on the Bhutan-China border.
“The memorandum of understanding on the three-step roadmap will give new impetus to the border talks,” said Bhutan’s Foreign Ministry.
Implementation of this roadmap in a spirit of goodwill, understanding and accommodation is expected to lead the border negotiations to a successful conclusion that is acceptable to both parties, “he said.
The confrontation between India and China on the Doklam Plateau in 2017 even sparked fears of a war between the two nuclear-armed neighbors. Bhutan said the area belonged to it and India supported Bhutan’s claim.
India had strongly opposed the construction of the road at the Doklam crossing, as it would have affected its overall security interests.
The confrontation between India and China was resolved after several rounds of talks.
Bhutan shares a more than 400-kilometer-long border with China, and the two countries have held more than 24 rounds of boundary talks in an attempt to resolve the dispute.
“During the Tenth Meeting of the Group of Experts in Kunming in April this year, the two sides agreed on a three-step roadmap that will be based on the 1988 Guiding Principles and will help speed up the ongoing border negotiations,” said the statement from Bhutan.
Bagchi did not respond to a question on whether the Bhutanese government kept India informed about the memorandum of understanding with China.
The signing of the pact came amid continued clashes between Indian and Chinese troops at various points of friction in eastern Ladakh.

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