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LONDON: British PM Boris Johnson and President of the United States. Joe biden, who met for over an hour in Cornwall on Thursday, signed a new Atlantic Charter based on the “commitments and aspirations” established 80 years ago by their predecessors Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The initial letter led to the United Nations and NATO. The new one seeks to uphold “enduring values” and addresses the challenge posed by countries like China and Russia with their promises to promote free trade, human rights and a rules-based international order, and to counter “those who seek to undermine our alliances and institutions ”.
“The Prime Minister and the President agreed that the revitalized Atlantic Charter released today is a fitting testament to the breadth and depth of cooperation between our countries,” said a Downing Street spokesman. “They resolved to take this cooperation further by expanding trade and moving towards a future Free Trade Agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States. They covered a number of foreign policy issues, including Afghanistan, China, Iran, and Russia. They also agreed that the UK-US partnership was more important than ever as we address shared challenges such as climate change and the coronavirus pandemic. ”
After their first in-person discussion, Johnson said, “The conversations were great … it’s a breath of fresh air.” Biden called the talks “productive.” PTI
British PM Boris johnson and his wife Carrie with US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill in St Ives
Jill brings ‘love’ from America


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