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Bihar govt will carry out massive Covid vaccination drive on PM Modi’s birthday, says Nitish Kumar | India News


PATNA: Bihar CM Nitish kumar On Monday, he said his government would carry out a massive vaccination campaign against COVID-19 on the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday on September 17.
“A record number of vaccinations will take place on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday on September 17th. All necessary preparations are being made for vaccination on the Prime Minister’s birthday. You will see that there will be “large amounts” of vaccinations that day, “said Nitish, who heads a coalition government with significant support from the BJP.
The CM was responding to media inquiries after their weekly show “Janta Ke Darbar Mein Mukhya Mantri” which was held at the CM secretariat here.
Nitish’s statement came three days after BJP National Chairman JP Nadda told reporters in Delhi that booth-level saffron party workers would help people get vaccinated against Covid-19 on the occasion of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday on September 17 to achieve the maximum number of vaccinations in a single day.
“Our workers will contribute to the vaccination program. We will make a comprehensive plan by September 17,” Nadda had said on Friday.
Responding to a query about the increase in cases of viral fever in children and dengue, the CM said that it had held a review meeting with health department officials two days ago on these issues.
“The health department has sent their teams to different districts. No cases of dengue have come to light in Siwan district. Nine cases of dengue have been reported in Gopalganj district, while one in Saran. Whatever the necessary actions of the health department, they are all being done, ”said Nitish, adding that tests for dengue cases have also been carried out in the district of Patna.
Flanked by the state health minister, Mangal Pandey, and the education minister, Vijay Kumar Choudhary, the CM further said that all necessary work was being carried out to protect people from Covid-19 infection. “I had a review meeting with the health department on cases of viral fever among children and all necessary instructions were given to health officials. Right now, the situation is under control, ”Nitish said.
“The health department is fully alert about cases of viral fever among children. All the necessary elements for the treatment of viral fever are available in hospitals. There is no shortage of beds, medicines and doctors in the hospitals, “said the CM, adding:” The effect of dengue has been largely reported in the districts along the border of Uttar Pradesh. ”
Nitish also said that in addition to the health department, concerned district administrations have also been put on alert so that immediate arrangements for treatment can be made in the event of a report of new cases of dengue or viral fever.

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