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Bike ride commemorates 22nd Kargil Vijay Diwas | India News


JAMMU: Dhruva Kargil Ride, comprising 75 bikes, was signaled from Dhruva War Memorial by Subedar Sanjay Kumar, PVC under the auspices of Headquarter Northern Command to commemorate the 22nd Kargil Vijay Diwas and 75 years of independence and immortalize the supreme sacrifice made by the soldiers.
PRO Defense Udhampur said: “Comprised of four segments sponsored by JAWA Classics Motorcycle Company, the trip was organized and the main segment of the trip comprises 25 Jawa Classic Legend riders who launched from Udhampur, led by none other than Lieutenant General YK Joshi. , GOC-in C, Northern Command this morning.
“Alongside this main ride, there will be subsidiary rides launched from Naushera, Srinagar and Karakoram Pass, reaching a total of 75 bicycles marking 75 years of India’s Independence.”
He said: “Segments starting from Naushera with 15 bikes and Udhampur with 25 bikes will join Srinagar segment with 20 bikes in Srinagar today.”
“The segment covering the icy heights of Karakoram will traverse Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO) Darbuk Leh and Kargil to converge with the main segment at Kargil War Memorial, Drass on July 23 (Friday), where the entire journey will culminate to further engage in the Kargil Vijay Diwas 2021.
Speaking about the flag ceremony, the Northern Command Army The commander, who is a Kargil war veteran, said: “Despite and despite the challenges, the soldier will always stand firm in his vigil to protect the nation and will go above and beyond to make the supreme sacrifice without batting an eyebrow. “.
“Operation Vijay may have ended 22 years ago, but the battle here in Jammu and Kashmir still continues,” he said, adding, “There is no satisfaction in violence and the life of a terrorist from the day he raises a gun to the day”. is neutralized is not more than two months “.
“I would urge parents to make sure their children are not fooled and lured like cannon fodder by the deep state and nexus that sits in comfort and decay to watch their children perform at their command.” Northern Army Commander Mr Yoshi said
He also added: “Operation Vijay is testament to the fact that there has never been and never will be a compromise on the territorial integrity of the nation and any such outlandish idea will remain a pipe dream.”
“The Armed Forces of India will defeat any nefarious design of the adversary with determination, courage and bravery unprecedented in history.”
He added that in the past two years we have made steady progress and the parameters of violence have decreased considerably, indicating a paradigm shift in the common mindset of Kashmir, which today is driven to seek peace and prosperity for future generations. .
“Let me assure everyone that the Indian Army will walk with you towards a better and prosperous future. Be it Ladakh or J&K, our commitment to the local population is complete and complete, where we will share their burden with equanimity and joy ”.
At 60 years of age, the Northern Army Commander gave a unique message to young people that age is just a number and is not an obstacle to adventure. The challenges of weather, high altitude and long distances can be overcome with determination and determination.
PRO Defense said, “This bike ride is an excellent and unique initiative by the Army together with JAWA Bikes to honor brave hearts and immortalize their memory in everyone’s minds. “He will not only send a strong patriotic message to everyone at J&K, but he will continue to inspire generations to come.”
Former Lieutenant General YK Joshi, GOC-in-C, Northern Command, thanked Anupam Thareja, Co-Founder of Classic Legend for conceptualizing the event and its implementation.
The North Army Commander will be joined by Lieutenant General PGK Menon, Lieutenant General DP Pandey, Lieutenant General MV Suchindra Kumar, that is, the three Corps Commanders of 14, 15 and 16 Corps respectively. In addition, two major generals, four brigade members, sixty-two officers, six ladies, four flags, three civilians, a JCO, and fifteen other ranks will also be part of the trip.

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