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NEW DELHI: Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi questioned on Wednesday whether congressional leaders Sonia Gandhi Y Rahul gandhi had been vaccinated, asking why there was a lack of clarity about it when the opposition was raising questions about the Center’s Covid-19 policy every day.
Joshi asked if the congressional leaders had not been vaccinated because they did not have faith in Indian vaccines. “When we began vaccination in January, Congressional leaders raised questions about the efficacy of the vaccine. Now they are taking the vaccine. To my knowledge, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi have not been vaccinated. They don’t trust the Indian vaccine, ”Joshi said.
Minister of Law Ravi Shankar Prasad He accused the opposition of turning around in the fight against the pandemic and doing everything possible to create obstacles in the vaccination campaign. Citing comments from leaders like Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, CM from West Bengal Mamata banerjee and Delhi CM Arvind kejriwal, Prasad accused the opposition of changing its position within a month. “It shows that the opposition parties were doing politics with the sole intention of stopping the vaccination campaign,” he added. “When those between the ages of 18 and 44 were allowed to be vaccinated, a peculiar chorus began that health is a state issue and that state governments should be able to purchase vaccines and distribute them,” Prasad said, citing letters from Rahul. March), Banerjee (February 24 and April 21) and Kejriwal (March 18). Prasad said Congress leader Anand Sharma suggested that India had a federal structure and health was a state issue, therefore the Center could not control it. He also recalled that on May 12, Sonia, Sharad Pawar, Banerjee and other opposition leaders wrote to the prime minister that vaccines should be procured centrally. “Opposition leaders took a U-turn after they couldn’t do it efficiently,” he added. Prasad said that the opposition parties were making politics to stop the vaccination campaign or were creating obstacles as noted in states governed by the Congress of Rajasthan where vaccines were dumped and in Punjab, where vaccines were diverted to private hospitals for high premiums


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