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BJP gets set for UP campaign, to rely on Yogi Adityanath ‘firm’ neta image | India News


Months before the announcement of the dates for the assembly elections, the BJP is set to leave the initial block early in Uttar Pradesh with a campaign around the screening Yogi Adityanath as a “non-corruptible” and “assertive” leader and highlighting the performance of his government such as job creation and Covid management as well as action against the mafia and criminals.
The party will also include a “reminder” campaign, recalling the mandates of parties like SP and BSP when the mafia “ruled the chicken coop” as opposed to the “decisive” ones. Yogi government, which has acted vigorously against them. ‘Fark Saaf Hai’ and ‘Bhule To Nahi’ will be key phrases during the campaign.
“There were accusations against the government of false police encounters. However, the party will not scoff at actions taken against criminals and words such as ‘damdaar’ will be used to highlight how, for the first time in Uttar Pradesh, the law has run its course and criminals are behind bars, “he said. a BJP official.
‘The whole state receives the same treatment now for the supply of energy’
There is a feeling in BJP that the action taken against criminals has improved the law and order situation in the state and has sent a message to the common man that the Yogi government is firm in its stance not to compromise with the Mafia and criminals regardless of their situation. party or ideological affiliation.
The campaign will highlight how during the Akhilesh Yadav administrations, Mulayam singh (SP) and Mayawati (BSP), politicians turned mafias like Mukhtar Ansari (East UP) and Atiq Khan (Allahabad) used to be the “king makers” and neither dared to take action against them.
The party will also highlight how the current government does not discriminate when it comes to sharing services such as power supply. “Districts used to be categorized as VIP for 24/7 power supply, but now the entire state gets the same treatment,” said a BJP official.
The campaign will also highlight the action of the Yogi government to fulfill the promises the party had made in the 2017 assembly elections. The “double bogie” issue on the performance of the Modi-Yogi combine is also likely to be a Focal point.
“The campaign will be launched through electronic networks, including social media platforms, so the party will not wait for the announcement of the election dates,” said a party leader. The construction of the Ram Temple and how the Kar sevaks were killed during Mulayam Singh’s rule are likely mentioned in the “Bhule To Nahi” campaign segment.

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