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bjp: Gujarat cabinet swearing-in delayed, to be held today | India News


GANDHINAGAR: The swearing-in of the new Gujarat CM Bhupendra PatelThe council of ministers was postponed for a day amid major drama in the state capital on Wednesday for the BJP supposed dictate of the high command to replace the 23 members of the old Vijay rupani cabinet with younger faces.
As the state think tank BJP walked the political razor’s edge in trying to compile a list that adhered to the “no repeat” formula, discontent increased among ministers that they were being asked to make way for what appears to be be an unprecedented rotation. Several ministers were said to be particularly upset that they were informed by phone that they would not be detained. Senior party officials said the outgoing ministers would surely mollify before a new cabinet takes guard Thursday.
While most ministers left their offices in a hurry on Tuesday, a poster mentioning that the swearing-in ceremony was scheduled for Wednesday was hastily removed at Raj Bhavan. The governor’s office later announced that the swearing-in would take place at 1:30 p.m. Thursday. The CMO confirmed the rescheduled event through a tweet.
The senior ministers had been working on their phones since the surprise selection of MLA Patel as the 17th CM of the state. After the swearing-in of a new council of ministers was postponed for the first time a couple of hours before being rescheduled for Thursday, the residences of BJP state president CR Paatil and former CM Rupani witnessed an uproar during the day while the ministers and aspirants to the squares fluttered. in and out.
Rupani’s former cabinet colleagues, including four congressional renegades, are known to have disagreed over being unceremoniously abandoned. Kunvarji bavaliya, Jawahar Chavda, Dharmendrasinh Jadeja and Jayesh Radadiya had recently left Congress and joined the BJP after being offered ministerial positions.
Akhil Bharatiya Koli Samaj sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that leaving Bavaliya, their national president, would send the wrong message to the community and turn them against the BJP in various constituencies in Gujarat and other parts of the country.
The experiment of non-repetition has altered the caste equations, even more so in cases where there are no immediate replacements available for ministers from specific communities.

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