BJP only national party in the country: Jitin Prasada | India News

BJP only national party in the country: Jitin Prasada |  India News

On a day of fast-paced events, when speculation that a leading opposition figure would join the BJP gripped the Capital, Congress leader Jitin Prasada made a dramatic entrance at the BJP headquarters. The former minister spoke with Akhilesh Singh about his decision to leave Congress and whether he will fit into the BJP scheme of things. Excerpts from the interaction
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and other congressional leaders say that your party is on the way to a renaissance, but you have decided to resign.
We are in politics and we are a party that lives up to the expectations of the general public and supporters. I couldn’t do it in Congress. Today, I feel privileged to have joined the largest political party in the world. The sole purpose of politics is service to the people. However, I had the feeling for a long time that we had not been able to deliver what was expected of us. That vehicle for serving the people was nowhere. I do not want to allow myself the debate of reactivation or not, my approach is that I have joined the BJP and will work wholeheartedly for the party.
Will you be able to adapt to a different ideological environment?
The only ideology of a politician is the interest of the nation, the state, the district and the region where he is active. P.M Narendra modi he is selflessly serving the nation with the motto of ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas and sabka vishwas’. There can be no better ideology if a party speaks of a new India, which promises inclusive development involving all castes and communities. While contesting the Lok Sabha polls as a candidate for Congress, I could feel that sentiments were overwhelmingly in favor of the BJP. It’s not just about Uttar Pradesh, but the popularity of BJP and PM Modi has risen across the country. The BJP is the only national party currently in the country not only because of its scope but also because of its organizational structure. I realized that BJP works as an institution and, unlike other parties, it does not revolve around an individual.
He has questioned BJP’s secular credentials on several occasions in the past.
As the leader of the opposition, you have to question the government and the ruling party. But the BJP leadership has responded positively, introducing welfare schemes that do not apply to any particular caste or community. ‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat ‘means development of each and everyone.
Do you think BJP will project you as the new face of Brahmin in UP?
I don’t think leadership in BJP is decided on the basis of caste, therefore I should correct the question. When it comes to role and responsibility, it is up to the party leadership to decide how to use me. Inspired by the leadership of the party, I joined the BJP without any conditions with the sole purpose of serving the people.
What was the final provocation to leave Congress?
As I said before, we have been in Congress for three generations, therefore, such decisions cannot be made by provocation or at a particular time. I made the decision after long reflections and considerable deliberation. For a long time I had the feeling that I couldn’t do what I intended to do. So there was no instant trigger, but several days of thinking, planning before I finally made up my mind to join BJP.
Do you know PM Modi and UP CM? Yogi Adityanath?
I have already met with the Minister of the Interior, Amit Shahji, and the chairman of the party, Naddaji. I look forward to meeting other senior leaders soon to receive their blessings.


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