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BJP slams opposition over Pegasus issue, says attempt at spreading lies | India News


HYDERABAD: Tamil Nadu BJP National co-defendant Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy on Wednesday accused opposition parties of attempting to smear the BJP on behalf of the Pegasus spyware line without any adequate evidence.
Talking to AND ME, said the BJP leader, “Opposition parties, including Congress Y TMC They have banded together on the Pegasus Spyware issue, just to smear the BJP government. ”
He said that by failing to digest the name and fame of Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with the development activities that the BJP government has undertaken over the years, these opposition parties are now against trying to spread the falsehood. about the BJP, despite having failed several times in the past, while trying the same.
He said such acts are being carried out with a wasted interest in damaging the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as well as damaging India’s fame and status.
Furthermore, he mentioned that the opposition parties have not even allowed the introduction of the new parliamentary members for the first time in the history of India.
“The whole country knows the Congress Party and his deeds during his regime. He said that the Congress party always speaks the Pakistani and Chinese languages ​​and has no right to speak about National integrity. Even during the Pulwama attack, while the Security forces They have stood firm, even then the Congress Party has politicized this issue and the terrorist attack, ”added the BJP leader.

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