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LUCK: With prominent non-BJP parties propping up the symbols of Hindutva In its election speech, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has quietly launched a campaign to woo minority voters.
Unlike previous elections, BJP workers have been given the goal of securing support for the party since minority dominated booths.
According to party officials, the move is different from previous elections, when it was limited to mere lip service. Party workers down to the booth level have been assigned specific objectives this time.
According to a rough estimate, of more than 1.63 lakh positions, approximately 50,000 are those that minority votes swing results.
The presidents of these booths and members of the BJP minority cell have been asked to convince at least 15 voters from each of their respective booths to support the BJP candidates.
Sources told TOI that the directives have been issued by UP BJP organization secretary Sunil Bansal. However, UP BJP minority cell chairman Basit Ali claimed that this time the goal of getting at least 100 minority votes in each booth was set.
“Almost 30% of the beneficiaries of various plans, including the free distribution of rations and houses for all, belong to the minority community. The idea is to leverage the support of these beneficiaries through various outreach programs, ”said Ali.
He added that programs will also be organized to win over intellectuals among Muslims and other minority communities.
A BJP leader previously said that the UP BJP minority cell had no members down to the cabin level, but this time the party has a minority cell structure at the base. Of the 50,000 booths identified as minority-dominated, only 7,000 to 8,000 booths have yet to be formed, while the remainder have been formed and verified.
“The formation of this structure will help reach the youth, women and minority beneficiaries of the plans launched by the Government of Narendra Modi in the center and Yogi Adityanath government in the state, ”said Basit Ali.
While the chairmen of most minority-dominated booths have been identified and entrusted with the goal of convincing 15 voters in favor of the BJP, the process to identify members of the larger minority cell is underway. They will also be given the goal of securing at least 15 votes in favor of the BJP, the sources said.
Sources said that the BJP was making efforts to end the division of votes on the basis of caste and religion. They added that the party was trying to win the support of everyone, regardless of caste and religion, in the name of welfare schemes.

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