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CAA and NRC not anti-Muslim, says RSS chief in Assam | India News


GUWAHATI: The Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC they are neither anti-Hindu nor anti-Muslim: they have been linked to religion just to gain political mileage, RSS boss Mohan bhagwat he said Wednesday.
“CAA and NRC have not been charged with any Indian national. A citizen who happens to be Muslim will not be a loser for CAA, ” Bhagwat saying. “In post-Independence history, during the Nehru-Liaquat pact, there was an assurance that minorities would be served. We continue to care for minorities, but Pakistan It is not.”
He argued that all governments in the world document the population profile of their respective countries through exercises “similar to NRC.” “NRC deals with information about citizens who live in the country as residents. We must know the movement of those who have arrived with visas as guests and those who slipped away without permission ”. He said that although the exercise of the NRC was not against the interests of any Indian, it was being analyzed through the prism of politics. Bhagwat accused a section of people of “spinning a narrative along community lines” around NRC and CAA. “They have made the NRC-CAA a Hindu-Muslim issue.” He goes back to Partition to trace the roots of the refugee problem that he said still haunts the country.

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