Canada PM Justin Trudeau says main election rival has shown poor leadership on Covid


MONTREAL: Canadian Prime Minister Justin trudeau, which seeks to carve out an advantage before Monday’s election, said on Thursday that its main rival had taken a lax approach to fighting Covid-19 and showed weak leadership.
Opinion polls show that Trudeau’s liberals are tied with Erin O’Toole’s center-right conservatives and appear to be falling short in their bid to win a parliamentary majority.
Trudeau, 49, noted that O’Toole, 48, had praised Alberta Prime Minister Jason KenneyThe decision earlier this year to quickly lift public health restrictions in its western province.
Covid-19 cases skyrocketed and threatened the health system. Kenney apologized Wednesday for mishandling the pandemic and said he would introduce vaccine passports.
“The decisions leaders make in a crisis are important a few days ago, O’Toole continued to applaud Kenney for his handling of the pandemic,” Trudeau told reporters in Montreal.
“That’s not the leadership we need in Ottawa to end this pandemic forever,” added Trudeau, who supports mandatory vaccine mandates. The Liberal leader has been in power since 2015, but has only a minority of seats in the House of Commons.
Trudeau said Ottawa would send fans to Alberta, excluding Liberals in the 2019 election. Liberal campaign organizers, citing their discontent with Kenney, say the party could win three of 34 seats in the province.
How to handle Covid-19 has become a political challenge for O’Toole. He favors vaccines, but says he prefers rapid tests over vaccination mandates.
Conservatives could also see a leak of support for the right-wing People’s Party of Canada (PPC), which is fueling public anger over vaccines and lockdowns.
In a tweet, PPC leader Maxime bernier attacked Kenney for the announcement of his vaccination passport. Bernier said he would go to the province “to join the Albertans in their fight against this despot.”
An ongoing Nanos Research telephone poll of 1,200 Canadians for CTV on Thursday placed public support for Liberals at 31.9%, Conservatives at 30.3% and New Left Democrats at 22.4%.
Such an outcome could produce a stalemate in which no party can form even a stable minority government. Trudeau triggered the election two years early, seeking to benefit from his handling of the pandemic, but the Liberals could not ignore voter fatigue.

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