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central university jobs 2021: 33.4% teaching & 37.7% non-teaching sanctioned positions in central universities lying vacant


NEW DELHI: Fourteen of the 44 core universities, including such as Delhi University, Allahabad University, Kashmir Central University and Odisha Central University, have more than 40% of their vacant authorized teaching positions. Two of which from Allahabad and Odisha have more than 70% vacancies. Overall, 33.4% of teaching positions and 37.7% of sanctioned non-teaching positions in central universities are vacant as of April 1, 2021. There are also 22 central universities without permanent vice-chancellors, of which 12 the names have been finalized by the visitor.

This was reported by the union’s education minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, in a response to two written questions about the status of vacancies at the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, where he said: “Vacancies emergence and filling is an ongoing process. Data regarding vacancies for more than three years, to date, are not kept centrally. ”

In response to the question about vice chancellor vacancies, Pradhan in a written response said: “A total of 22 vice chancellor posts in central universities under this ministry are vacant, of which the Visitor has already finalized the appointments of 12 posts. The incidence and filling of vacancies for vice-rectors in Universities is a continuous process. The process of appointing the vice-rector at the Central University is a time-consuming exercise that involves obtaining the nomination (s) from the Executive Council / Tribunal of the Central University in question, the constitution of the Search and Selection Committee, the publicity of positions, the scrutiny of applications, interaction with the shortlisted candidates, obtaining authorizations for surveillance, approval of the competent authority, etc., for which no deadline can be indicated ”.


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According to data provided by the ministry of the 18,911 sanctioned teaching positions in the 45 central universities, more than 6,000 positions are vacant. In terms of numbers, DU has the highest number of vacancies with 846 of its 1706 sanctioned positions remaining vacant. The other university with more than 500 vacancies is Allahabad University, which has 598 vacancies of its 863 teaching positions. The data provided by the ministry is as of April 1, 2021.

The data also revealed that more than 50% or 23 of the 44 colleges have vacancies totaling more than 30% and there are only three colleges with less than 20% vacancies.

For the 44 central universities, a total of 33.4% of sanctioned teaching positions are vacant as of April 1, 2021.

The ministry also informed the house that of the 36,351 non-teaching positions, more than 13,700 are vacant in these institutions, which is equivalent to 37.7%.

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