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ANANTNAG: The central government and Integrated child development services (ICDS) are making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable sectors of society through various pension plans and scholarships in Anantnag.
These schemes cover various vulnerable sectors of society, such as victims of terrorism, widows and people with special abilities.
Dr. Piyush Singla, Deputy Commissioner Anantnag, said of the wellness plans: “The goal of the department of social welfare is to reach the most vulnerable sectors of society. Pension plans, whether for the elderly or widows, and scholarship plans are making a big difference in people’s lives. Before, people could not receive their share of pensions, but the government allocated a quota for each district and now all districts have implemented their pension plans. People with special abilities, who used to face a lot of problems before, are getting a lot of benefits through these pensions. ”
He added that the government is also trying to get scholarships to eligible children and that these children are being identified through the School Education Department and scholarships are provided.
The beneficiaries are extremely happy with the implementation of the schemes and face no future problems with their lives. They praised the central government pensions and scholarships.
Ghulam, a victim of terrorism 16 years ago, said she receives 1,000 rupees from the central government every month.
“I am very grateful to the center for the same,” he added.
Mudasir Ahmad, a specially trained person, said: “In 2016, I was electrocuted and consequently my leg was amputated. I receive my 1000 rupee pension every month. The Department of Social Welfare has helped me a lot.”
Alia, the daughter of a widow, said that she can continue her studies thanks to scholarships given to her by the department of social welfare, adding that “I receive 1500 rupees a month. We are three sisters and we live with our mother. no one who can support us financially, except the department of social welfare. ”
A widow Nighat added: “I have three children and no one to support our family financially. I am very grateful to the welfare department for helping my two children to study by giving them a scholarship of 1300 rupees a month.”

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