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RAIPUR: Minister of Coal of the Union Prahlad Joshi on your visit to Chhattisgarh on Wednesday he said there was no longer a coal shortage in the country and the situation was under control as Coal India Limited is meeting the need. The minister went to the Korba district to assess the situation at South Eastern Coal Fields Limited.
Chhattisgarh Prime Minister Bhupesh Baghel questioned his visit by asking: “Why was the Union Minister in Chhattisgarh when there is no coal shortage? The Center should accept that there is a shortage. ”
Before leaving for Korba, Trade Union Minister Prahlad Joshi accompanied by a senior Cold India official, he told the media in Bilaspur that Coal India Limited was dealing with the coal requirements and everything was now under control.
“There is no shortage of coal in the country and there will be no problems with its supply. To date, the ministry has met the requirement for coal for power production. In the midst of the requirement of 1.5 million tons of coal, we have produced two million tons as of today and we are increasing the dispatch of coal to power plants, ”Joshi assured that there would be no power supply problem.
Speaking of his visit to SECLHe said review meetings were scheduled for coal and increased its production.
Joshi went to SECL, Korba by road and visited Dipka, Minas Gevra and Kusmunda. SECL produces 130 lakh metric tons of coal from its 41 mines that represent twenty percent of the total coal production in the country and are meeting the demands.
Officials said talks were underway to sign new MOUs with SECL and that mining and production work was previously affected due to rains and the pandemic.
Joshi was received by the BJP leaders in Bilaspur.
Investigating Joshi’s visit, Prime Minister Bhupesh Baghel asked: “When there is no coal crisis in the country, why were dozens of power plants closed for a time in the state? Why is the Minister of the Union visiting SECL? The central government should accept the crisis ”.
Head of the Congressional Committee of Chhattisgarh Pradesh Mohan markam has demanded that the Center publish a white paper on the issue of the coal crisis. Markam He said that the Center’s policies lack vision, and even though India is a huge coal mine, the nation is facing a crisis, people should know the reason for the shortage.
“The Modi government should inform citizens about the huge coal crisis that led to a 30-50 percent reduction in energy production. It is also because Center sold the mines to a few favorite private companies that resulted in monopoly and, to generate more profit for them, a crisis of this type has been created, “said Markam.

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