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China’s foreign minister Wang Yi visiting Cambodia to discuss Covid virus, trade


PHNOM PEHN, CAMBODIA: Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi is visiting CambodiaWhere do you expect to meet the Prime Minister? Hun Sen and other officials to discuss Covid-19 and other regional matters.
Cambodia’s Foreign Ministry said Wang’s meetings on Sunday and Monday will also include discussions on trade and security.
Finishing a visit to the neighbor Vietnam on Saturday, Wang He said China planned to donate 3 million doses of vaccines to that country, which is under lockdown to contain an increase in Covid-19.
China is Cambodia’s largest investor and closest political partner. Beijing’s support allows Cambodia to ignore Western concerns about its poor political and human rights record, and in turn, Cambodia generally supports Beijing’s geopolitical positions on issues such as its territorial claims in the country. south china sea.
In recent months, the USA has expressed concern about their ties and urged Cambodian leaders to maintain an independent and balanced foreign policy that is in the best interests of its people.
Concerns have centered in part on China’s construction of new facilities at the Ream Naval Base in Cambodia and the potential for its military to have future base rights there.
Ream faces the Gulf of Thailand adjacent to the South China Sea, and having base rights in Cambodia would greatly expand Beijing’s strategic military profile.

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